Why you should share your Light with others

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This is indeed a fascinating time for those of us who feel a strong purpose to bring more Light into our own lives and into the world.

There are times when I see so much destruction (by nature and by humans) and so much cruelty (to humans and to nature) that I can feel discouraged and despairing that positive change is possible.

Yet always when I feel that despair it is always closely followed by a much deeper and stronger Knowing that shifts me from despair to peace. This Knowing comes from the larger, wiser and eternal me that Knows there is positive change happening around the world because my Energy “sees” and understands these current events in a much larger context than I can as the physical thinking self.

In that moment, I Know, without doubt, that my commitment to accepting all that I truly am and to growing my Light and my Energy is contributing to this change. I Know, without doubt, because of the people we work with all around the world who are doing the same that an Energetic shift is underway and it is only a matter of time until we see the tide turn.

This shift is happening because so many healers, energy workers and people on all sorts of spiritual paths have decided that it is time to step forward from the shadows and to let go of the fears that have kept them hidden for so long. They have felt the collective energetic call to step forward to be the Towers of Light so that others feel the inspiration and courage to do the same.


As we are all stepping forward and sharing our Light with others, we are shifting the quantum field and reconnecting humanity to the energy of collaboration rather than competition. As we do, we will see more people put their connection to each other, to the earth and to nature first. We will see organisations make the greater good rather than a greater profit their priority and we will feel the joy of Knowing that we have contributed to the transformation of our world.

There are no coincidences why we are here on earth at this time. It is our role and our purpose to share our Light and when we accept that it also becomes our joy!

If you want to share more of your Light then the powerful new Saffron Heart or Connecting the Sentinels of Light meditations (available by donation) are a simple and beautiful way to build and expand your Energetic collaboration to help others step out of the shadows and shine brightly!

Lots of love,


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