You live within a story of who you think you are and even with the awareness that you are not that story it often continues to play out in many areas of your life … sometimes working for you and sometimes not!

Living within this story keeps you stuck in the same old patterns and it continues to generate a limited sense of self that is creating your experiences and relationships. This story is so much a part of who you think you are and how life is that you may not even recognize it or know that it can be changed.

This hidden story has an Energy and a Frequency that are creating your life and once you uncover it you can see how its threads have been woven and tangled through all areas of your life including …

    • your relationships
    • your ability as a healer or energy worker
    • your personal connection to energy
    • your health
    • your success
    • and so much more!
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In fact, everything that you feel, do, think or believe is created from your Key Stories …

The Story of You Course from DZAR gives you the processes to uncover and shift your Key Stories and the sense of self that they have created to shift into living the story of your true spiritual Knowing of Self. The Story of You Course unfolds over 2 parts.


Part 1 … Discovering your Story

In this one-day workshop with DZAR + four online follow up modules (including a live Q&A webinar with DZAR), you will be guided through conversations with DZAR and special Frequency Processes to …

  • identify the stories you’ve been living with that have been creating your life until now
  • uncover your hidden Key Stories that holds all of these stories in place and that has been keeping you stuck Energetically and in a fixed reality of experience
  • change your story to change how you connect and work with energy and begin to create your life based on a new Story of You
  • use the Sound of the Universe that is a Frequency you can use to change your experiences

The following online modules are a combination of talks from DZAR and additional exercises and practices to work with that expand upon the information and changes begun in the workshop

Module 1 … Exploring the Sound of You
Module 2 … Expanding the Sound of You
Module 3 … Changing your experiences with Sound
Module 4 … Live Q&A Webinar with DZAR

Your Key Stories hold you in the Energy of your past and keep you creating your future out of this past Energy …

Identifying and changing your Key Stories will fundamentally shift how you experience reality. It has the power to change how you feel about yourself and the life you are creating, how you connect with Energy and so much more.

During this one-day course, DZAR and Mary work with you using Frequency Processes to uncover your hidden Key Stories so that you can shift at the Energetic level and come into alignment with the true, expansive Energy of you that has been there all along.

The new Story of You that you uncover, is a story based on an Energy of Wholeness that reflects who you truly are rather than who you’ve always thought you were.

Who is this course for?

    • People new to DZAR’s teachings who are ready to let go of old ways of being and doing
    • People already working with DZAR’s teachings who want to take their changes to the next level
    • Healers & energy workers who want to work even more effectively with any energy they use
    • In fact, anyone who wants to live a life that reflects their Light more strongly!
  • Limited places available


The Frequency of your NEW Story becomes the Energy that you reflect into your world and that you will have reflected back to you through your experiences.

The online component which follows this one day workshop then guides you through the steps to get to know and expand the Frequency of this new story and the you that exists within it and as it.

Listen to DZAR talk about Part 1 … Discovering your Story

“And so if you are ready to live without a past, if you are ready to step within a future that is there to support you … physically and Energetically … to step into your true spiritual Knowing of Self … then allow yourself to discover the stories of You Becoming.

Allow yourself to take yourself upon this journey that has always been your purpose to do and to be. Let the Energy reflect in your physical world who you truly are.” DZAR

Part 2 … Living your New Story

This 2nd part of The Story of You builds on the information and processes shared in Part 1 and expands your ability to connect and work with your Energy and the Energy of your New Story.

This online course includes audio from DZAR, questions and processes.

DZAR says …

“You extraordinary Beings of Light have evolved … to allow this New Story of You to become, to enter into this new sense of Self that was there at your very first birth, the Energy of the True Self.

This New Story is as old as you, Young Ones, but it is your story of how you are leaning to be the Love you know yourself to be, to be the expression of Creation in a physical form. You begin to become truly satisfied and over-joyed with who you are becoming and with who you are now.

It is a story of your internal peace and it is a story of your expansive Love for Self … you are coming into a coherent Frequency with Creation’s Knowing of You. 

You are moving into alignment with your Frequency, you move into alignment with the music, with the Sound of Your Universe … with the Hum of You. There is a settling of Love, a settling of Peace for Self … a beginning of a future from now, rather than your past. A determined Self, moving you forward into your future from that space of Allowing and that space of Compassion.”

Listen to DZAR & Mary talk about Part 2

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