DZAR’s Frequency Practices and Meditations work at a deeper level than either the conscious or the subconscious mind because they are encoded with an Energy Transmission from All That Is.

In the recordings, you hear DZAR’s voice guiding you through a visualisation while at the same time their Frequency is communicating and creating changes in your Energetic field. This is the real level that change occurs. Even if you fall asleep or find it difficult to concentrate, your Energetic Self and your Soul will still change as they connect with DZAR’s expanded frequency of Compassion.

“These tracks are Energetic Frequency conversations that you engage in on many levels. As you allow yourself to sit in our frequency it will create a resonance with your Soul to enable it to move into a closer connection with you. The more you do these Practices and Meditations, Young Ones, the more your Energetic Self will shift and your physical body and your world will soon follow.” DZAR

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