Hello and welcome to the home page for the online Learn to Communicate with your Soul Course.

Once you have registered for this online course, you will receive a welcome email with your log in details and access to the first lesson, then every week you’ll receive another email inviting you to move on the next lesson of the course when you are ready to do so.

We encourage you to take the time to work through the information and activities for each lesson and only move on to the next one when you feel ready. There is no rush because you can review the course as often and for as long as you want* so give yourself the time and space to create this new relationship with your Soul without feeling pressured to jump to the next lesson.

How it Works

Lessons are a combination of …

  • audio talks by DZAR
  • meditations by DZAR that create Energetic shifts
  • written information about the focus for each lesson
  • activities for you to complete to practice and build the skills you’re learning about
  • a weekly Journal of Reflection

You can move through each lesson at your own pace so there’s no need to rush and cram in the powerful information and practices shared on this course.

IMPORTANT All of the information for this course is only available online so before registering please be sure that you can …

  • either listen to audio files online or that you are able to download them as mp3 files to listen to them away from your computer
  • print the workbooks for each lesson so you can use them at any time

* Remember, all of the audio and pdf materials can be downloaded to your computer giving you the ability to repeat the course as many times as you wish to take your learning deeper and deeper.

Lesson 1
Learning to Access the Wisdom of your Soul

“Learning to communicate with your Soul is you fulfilling your purpose of living your life in collaboration with its wisdom. As you explore this connection you will soon realise that there is no separation between you and your Soul and that you are the wisdom you seek, Young Ones.

As you work through the exercises and meditations on this course you begin to experience more of who you are and more of who you can be and realise your connection and your essence that is part of All That Is.” DZAR

  • The Path of DZAR and the Wisdom of Your Soul
  • Communicating with your Soul
  • Trusting the information from your Soul
  • Understanding and accepting your Wholeness
  • Return to Wholeness Meditation by DZAR

Lesson 2
Communicating with your Soul

“So welcome, Young Ones, Energy reflecting Energy, sameness you see. It is how you will continue to follow yourself upon this journey, it is how you will continue to notice your reality shift because this beautiful Energy of you that is growing will continue to shift your reality because this you is changing. You’ll begin to hear the Energy of your Soul, not because you have to but because your Energy is reflecting it. You are reflecting the Energy of your Soul, you are reflecting the Beauty of you.” DZAR

  • How communicating with your Soul works
  • Why communicate with your Soul
  • Audio practice for meeting your Soul
  • How to be a clear channel for your Soul’s wisdom
  • Guidelines … what you can expect
  • The Frequency of Knowing
  • Energy reflecting Energy
  • How to reflect the Energy of your Soul
  • How to receive guidance from your Soul

Lesson 3
Your Universal Voice

“What we wish you to begin to feel is, you could say, a space of you that is sacred, a space of you that is connected to your worthiness. A space of you that amplifies, that connects, that reflects frequency-to-frequency with your Soul’s knowing of you.” DZAR

  • Remembering your Sacred Space
  • Hearing your Universal Voice
  • Why you haven’t trusted yourself
  • Do you need to fear negative Energies?
  • Practice … Moving from Fear to Beauty

Lesson 4
Communicating with the Energy of Another Part 1

“This is an important piece in your evolution … it is you learning to feel the expression of another, not from their personality or from who you think they are, not from the labels you have placed upon them but from the true Wholeness that they are and from the true Knowing of Self that you are.

“What you are doing is connecting essence to essence … in this space is only safety for you are connecting to the essence of All That Is within another, within yourself … there can be no more safer place than this.” DZAR

  • Self awareness – what’s mine, what’s yours
  • How to feel Energy
  • The Slowening
  • Calibrating your Frequency

Lesson 5
Communicating with the Energy of Another Part 2

“It is time for you to go deeper … deeper within you first to allow yourself to be open to the other. This is an important next piece so be aware of everything that is showing up for you … all of the expressions of Self that you are denying because you can only truly communicate with the other with a true sense of Self … be Aware, be Compassionate and enjoy this next step.” DZAR

  • Connecting and communicating with the Energy of another
  • The new duality Denial of Self
  • Do others also channel DZAR?
  • The Circle of Three (audio practice)

Lesson 6
Communicating with other Energy Forms

“… the more you can connect in to the true meaning of the environment around you, the more you can become one with what it is trying to tell you.

For the Universe sends you messages all the time wishing to support you, wishing to help you along your path but because of the separateness, because of your perception of yourself as a human being, as different to that of the things around you, you miss the messages …” DZAR

  • DZAR talks about Sameness
  • Feeling & Seeing Energy … a 3 part exercise
  • DZAR talks about communicating with Nature
  • How to communicate with your business
  • How to identify and clear blocks that limit your ability to communicate with Energy