How to talk to your Soul

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The other day I remembered and insightful conversation I’d had with my Soul.

Gary and I were touring in the US. It was the end of a long day and I was feeling tired … and grumpy. As we walked to dinner I became aware that I was being less than love and light in my conversation! With the awareness of how I was being also came the awareness that it wasn’t how I wanted to feel or be.

My thinking mind came right back with the retort “well it’s no wonder I’m grumpy, I’m tired and hungry!!” … you can imagine me with virtual hands on hips as I said this to myself to really give you the picture!! 😉

And then I felt a gentle nudge … a reminder … that I had a wise and loving mentor right there with me who wanted to offer an alternative perspective.

So I said to my Soul, “I know I’m not being very nice but I’m really tired! What do you want me to know?” and with great gentleness and humour, my Soul replied “We know you’re tired, but it doesn’t mean you have to be grumpy about it.”

Immediately my perspective shifted. That simple answer from my Soul reminded me that even though the physical me was having the experience of being tired I’m not just my physical self. I’m also my Energetic Self and that Me wasn’t tired at all … how could it be!?

In that moment I realised I had a choice. I could choose to identify with the physical self or I could choose to identify with that much larger, expansive Energetic Me that is always present no matter how I’m feeling.

So with a chuckle to myself, I told my Soul I’d got the message and with a deep breath out I allowed myself to shift my Knowing of Self to the larger energy and Light that I am.

As I did, the tiredness that had felt like a lead blanket weighing me down lifted.

I felt lighter and brighter, the feeling of grumpiness left and the rest of the night was fun and enjoyable. I didn’t have to try to be cheery because I wasn’t thinking myself into feeling different, I’d shifted my Energy and my Knowing of Self and so I was different.

So next time you’re not feeling the way you know you want to or you’re looking for guidance or clarity from a wise and loving friend, follow these simple steps and allow yourself to be surprised and delighted at what your Soul shares with you!

  1. Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths just to relax … you may choose to do a short meditation before you begin but it’s not necessary.
  2. When you’re ready, ask your Soul what it wants you to know about how your feeling or the current situation you’d like guidance on.
  3. Stay open and curious about what will be shared. You may hear your Soul speak, or you may get a feeling that answers the question, or an image might appear that gives you clarity or you’ll just suddenly get an insight that shifts how you are feeling.

Don’t cage how your Soul communicates with you because it is different for us all and there is no right or wrong way for it to happen.

Sometimes I’ll sit and write down the communication with my Soul, other times I’ll just chat with them as I walk in nature … so play with different approaches and see what works best for you. And if you’d like a more structured and detailed approach then check out our popular How to Communicate with your Soul online course where you learn how to communicate with any energy including other people, nature, objects, your business and anything else you can think of!

Lots of love


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