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Log in to your account and click the Downloads button under the head

Right Click the DOWNLOAD button at the end of the line of the file you want.

Choose Save Link As … and save the file to your device.

Audio practices for your homework from your Private Reading with DZAR are available from the SoundCloud link sent out with your Reading.

You can listen online without an account, however if you wish to download the practices then just set up a free SoundCloud account following these steps.

Campfire webinars are for members only.

When you join the Campfire Community the private access details for the DZAR’s Campfire webinar (and also the Campfire Circle hosted by Claire) are sent to you in a Reminder email before each webinar.

Many of the events in the calendar are initiated by people who want to help bring Mary, Gary & DZAR to their local community.

Contact DZAR Community Support now to find out how you can do the same!

The mp3 recording of your Reading can be downloaded for 28 days to be saved to your device after the link is sent to you.

Lost files can be sent to you after this time for a US$10 administration fee. Contact DZAR Community Support with your name and the date of your Reading for more details.