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In a recent Reading, Helen* shared how she’d been using Energy to change her relationship with her mother.

We knew from previous sessions that she’d had a difficult relationship with her mum for many years. Helen had tried lots of things to change the dynamic in the relationship and while at times there were some shifts it was still challenging for her.

Despite these difficulties she loved her mother who was unwell, so she decided to send Energy, in particular the Saffron Heart frequency as well as the other Realms of Creation coupled with positive and loving wishes to her mum.

As Helen shared these compassionate and loving frequencies, she made the shift from seeing her mum as the problems of the past to seeing her as the true Beauty and Essence that she is beyond her personality or behaviours.


When Helen next visited her mother she was amazed at how different their time together was! Her mum was much nicer to her and there was none of the usual criticising or demeaning communication that had characterised past visits.

How did this happen? Did Helen’s remote Energy work really make a difference to a relationship pattern that had been in place for decades?

The answer is yes it did! And there are three parts to this understanding …

1.  We are all connected and communicating at the Energetic level with each other no matter how physically close or far away we are.

You may be familiar with an experiment by TM meditators in Washington DC in 1993. This experiment of between 800-4,000 people meditating to change the energy of the DC area saw a drop in the crime rate of up to 23% during the 2 month experiment period.

In Helen’s case, her decision to see mum in her Wholeness and Beauty and to share Energy and positive intentions created a shift in her mum’s Energy. This then played out in her mum’s thinking and her behaviour when they were together.

2.  We are Energy first and then the physical world and our experiences flow from that.

This means that when we change our Energy, the world around us also changes. DZAR describes this as Energy reflecting Energy. So when Helen connected with the Saffron Heart and the other Realms of Creation to share them with her mum, she was also changing her own Energy.

This means that the next time she visited her mum it was a different Helen walking through the door.

3.  And finally, but maybe most powerfully, Helen had to accept something about herself to even begin.

Helen knew that she was able to be the catalyst for change not just because of the Energies that she was working with but because of the Energy of Love and Compassion that she was. She had to be the Energy that she wanted to share first otherwise she’d have been sharing an energy of doubt or anger or pain with her mum which wouldn’t have created the positive change she experienced.

It was Helen’s Knowing of herself as Love … even if she didn’t articulate it in that way … that was the key to have that Energy reflected back to her through her experiences with her mother.

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What about you? Is there a relationship in your life in which you’d like to experience more Love and Compassion? Why not follow Helen’s example and see what changes using these steps…

Sit quietly and feel the Love is your true Essence …
Softly flow that Energy to someone in particular or to world leaders or more broadly into the world around you …
You can visualise or feel the Energy or it may just be a Knowing that it is flowing and connecting …
Stay curious about how you change and what changes around you!

You may find it helpful to listen to the Realm of Lavender Meditation, which is the Frequency of Creation’s Love and Compassion, to amplify your Energy before you begin. (listen to a sample here)

We look forward to hearing how you go!

Lots of love


*Helen is not her real name

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