For many, the spiritual path is a lonely one. So often our friends and family don’t understand or aren’t interested in the journey we’re on which can make talking about it and deepening our understanding of this new way of living quite difficult. Carl Jung puts it well…

Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself …
C.G. Jung

DZAR Groups & Circles are a place to gather, share, explore and relax with people of like-minds … or perhaps we should say like-Souls! Hosted by trained DZAR Campfire Community members, they are a place of community and sharing and of course fun and laughter too!

Join a DZAR Circle near you or contact us to find out what’s involved in starting one of your own.

“The act of beginning a Circle is a recognition of a you that wishes to be heard … not by others but more importantly by you.” DZAR

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND … Mount Albert & Franklin Circles

In 2014, the first NZ Circle was started by Claire and since then the community has grown and expanded to 2 Circles covering a large area of beautiful Auckland.

Claire says, “The birth of my son in 2010 sparked the beginning of my journey home to my Self and the deep dive into DZAR’s teachings. In the very best way imaginable, my life hasn’t been the same. I love how practical their teachings are and how they enable me to live with more joy and freedom in my everyday life.”

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Mary, Claire & Gary at the Orakei Circle in Auckland, July 2015


Wendy attended her first DZAR workshop way back in 2009 and has immersed herself in the Frequency ever since! When you meet her you’ll feel what’s possible for you too as you begin to accept your Light and your Beauty along this path.

Wendy says, “Hi I’m Wendy. I am passionately curious about life, the universe and everything. My inner knowing keeps calling me forward to live as more peace and contentment and joy.”

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Wendy with Mary & Gary at the Australian Circle Host Training in 2016


Bill hosted our very first event in Washington DC back in 2012 so he has lots of understanding and stories to share with you!

Bill says, “Hello to all you beloved souls, I am honored to declare myself a host for the DZAR Community Circle in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Words are insufficient to express the joy I feel in helping to bring DZAR’s wisdom, teachings and levity to folks here in the DC area. We have an opportunity to deepen our awareness of who we truly are by sharing our journeys through DZAR’s teachings with others. Please join our Circle.”

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Mary, Bill & Gary after the Circle Host Training in the USA, October 2015


Mary, Gary & DZAR launched the first DZAR Circle at a special evening in October 2015 .

Elizabeth, Terri & Heidi are your Hosts for this Circle and all have been closely involved in DZAR’s teachings since our first visit there in 2011 so as with all of our trained Circle Hosts you’ll be in great company as you expand your journey in this way.

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Gary, Terri, Heidi, Elizabeth & Mary at the launch of the Central Jersey Circle in October 2015

“I enjoy being part of this community as it’s spilling out in to all areas of my life. I have a renewed sense of love for my family, I am expanding my energy transference abilities, I am re-examining my friendships and I am putting energy back into myself. I have realised that I am who I am and that’s OK.

So thanks to everyone who has allowed me to be me in the community of like-minded souls. I really appreciate finally being able to find peace & acceptance with who I am.” Danni

“Since moving to New Zealand 10 years ago, I had been looking for a family of spiritual beings who were at a similar point in their “journey” as I. I have found that, and more, in our Auckland Spiritual Circle.

I’m sure you’ve all experienced meeting someone new and immediately knowing that she/he is an old friend. Imagine finding that with 15+ other people all at one time! That’s what it was like for me when I first joined the Circle. And that feeling of familiarity, safety, comfort, emotional intimacy and “knowing” is still there each time I attend a meeting. It’s such a relief to finally connect with my family and know that I’m part of something bigger.” Lorraine, NZ

“It is such a blessing to have found and become part of this group of open, honest , supportive people. I have meandered along on my spiritual journey for many, many years but until now had not found my “soul pod”. It is a beautiful affirmation of the imperfect perfection of the journey to have been called to and arrived in this space that feels so much like home. It is amazing to be developing everyday ,earthbound friendships that have such a strong, shared spiritual knowing as their backdrop. It has changed my life in the best possible way and I said to Meegan last night how cool that we can all grow old together!!. Thank you so much Mary, Gary, Claire and of course DZAR.” Rachel, NZ

“Circle is a safe place to explore ideas and expand our consciousness while extending kindness and compassion to wherever we happen to be at that moment. The teachings have helped me relax a bit in my need to control the future and focus more on being my best self in each present moment.

Claire adds a beautiful presence to the gatherings with her joyful, graceful leadership.” Lisa

“Meeting all the lovely people that come!
Then having a really interesting discussion and experience of DZAR’s teaching and then going home restored and renewed.

I have a more lighthearted and relaxed way about myself. If you are drawn to this site and reading this wondering whether to come trust yourself further and come along.” Joanna

“The beautiful atmosphere & wonderful energy. Connecting with like minded souls.

I’ve had a more profound connection during meditation & a sense of I’m on the right track 🙂 Unfolding to be who I truly am.

So glad I found you. Definitely something I was searching for. Brightness Blessings.” Glynnis

More Circles


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Starting soon…
AUSTRALIA … Northern NSW, Western Australia

Become a DZAR Circle Host

… deepen your own journey as you share with others …

In August we launched the new and fully-resourced DZAR Community Circles Training Program based on the model of sharing and community that was created by the Towers of Light after the 1st Campfire over 70,000 years ago.

The Circle Host program is open to Campfire Community members and includes  full training and resources including session plans, videos, meditations, coaching and more to create a vibrant DZAR local community.

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