3 Steps to change the world through Love

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Watching the news it’s easy to become fearful…mass shootings, home invasions, the threat of nuclear war…but is fear the best response?

When we were still hunting sabre tooth tigers, we lived in survival mode because we needed to…the threats we faced were immediate and personal. Not paying attention to the tiger in the bushes meant we’d be its dinner rather than the other way around but is the fight or flight reaction still an appropriate response today?

You’ve possibly heard of the study done back in the 60s in which teachers were given false information about the intellectual ability of select children in their class. The teachers were told that a random selection of children were about to undergo an intellectual growth spurt. 

Guess what happened! As they tracked these children over the next 2 years they found that they did in fact increase their IQ scores more than the others in the class because they’d been treated differently by the teachers based on their expectation of better performance.

What does this have to do with what we see on the news? Everything! Especially when we remember that we don’t have to be face to face with someone to be influencing them at the energetic level because the energy of our responses also contributes to what’s being created.

If we respond to what we see in the news with fear or anger then we are adding the energy of those emotions to the collective energetic field that we all live in.

If we see world leaders as only evil or stupid then we reinforce that at the energetic level as the only potential future for them…and for us.

So next time you feel angry or frightened by what is happening in your local area or half a world away, take a moment to compassionately shift your response to Love…for the perpetrators of these acts as well as for yourself. Make the choice to see those involved as their true essence of Compassion rather than as the physical personality acting out of anger or fear.

See them as the potential for Love and Light that every human being is so that you can energetically give them the greatest chance to make different choices more aligned with peace and compassion rather than fear and separation.

This isn’t about pretending that bad things aren’t happening, or denying what is. Instead, it’s accepting what is happening with the awareness that we can choose how we respond to create a different possibilities rather than more of the same.

Take a moment to watch my new short video below and then begin using these three simples steps to change your own energy and then to contribute to changing the energy in the world around you. 

Step 1

Think about something that is happening in the world that concerns you. Become aware of your feelings and thoughts about it…

You might feel sad, powerless, angry, overwhelmed, frightened, anxious etc. Simply acknowledge that those feelings all come the physical self in reaction to a perceived threat. Don’t judge yourself or the feelings…just accept them as how you feel in this moment because judging yourself will only keep you stuck there longer.

Step 2

Close your eyes and take a moment to feel the true essence of you which is always present. Your Soul never feels fear or anger, it only experiences Love and Compassion for all things … all you need do is shift your focus ever so slightly to become aware of this part of you more strongly. 

Now bring your attention to your heart and take a few deep gentle breaths in and out through your heart.

As you begin to feel more peaceful, visualise that you are breathing in the colour of the Saffron Heart frequency. This energy has been shared by DZAR for you to use to strengthen your connection to your true essence of Love, Peace and Compassion. 💛

Feel your whole body being infused with the colour of Saffron and flow it out into the world around you with each exhalation. Continue for at least 1 minute…

Step 3

Keep flowing the Saffron Heart energy as you visualise someone you wish to share it with. It may be someone you know personally or a world leader.

Surround and infuse the image of that person with the Saffron Heart frequency and colour. As you flow and share the energy with them, choose to see beyond their human personality and identity and to see them as their true essence of Compassion…it is who they are even if they don’t recognise that for themselves.

Energetically share your vision and Knowing of them as Compassion as you hold the loving intention that they begin to feel that for themselves. 

As you do this, you are opening the possibility for them to feel it and to begin to live from their Light and Love and with a deeper connection with everyone and everything.

Do this practice as often as you can to change your own energy and to infuse the collective energy of humanity with more Love, Peace & Compassion.

Lots of love


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