Join us for this extraordinary week of community, deep transformation and relaxation on this luxury cruise as we gather from all over the world to return the Saffron Heart Frequency to the earth in the pristine and magnificent landscape of Alaska.


The Saffron Heart energy is the carrier of Humanity’s Light and our Knowing that we are more than just our physical bodies. It is an Energy that is a key to humanity’s shift from this current time of competition and division to a new age of compassion and collaboration.

DZAR said, “Over 75,000 of your human years ago, the energy of the Saffron Heart, was first delivered into human beings and from that first delivery it has been shared and spread through every Being.

When humans were created, there was no in-lightenment within them meaning that they were just allowed to be and to explore without awareness. The Saffron Heart was the vehicle that implanted, that delivered in-lightenment into each human. That in-lightenment is an awareness of Self; a Self that is beyond your thinking, a Self that is beyond your physical but a grander more connected Self.

That Self that you have always realised was there and have been searching for for so many extraordinary life times. The reason you have is because of that Light, that Saffron Heart Light. It is a carrier, it is a vehicle of awareness, Creation’s awareness, an expanded Knowing of Self, an expanded purpose for being.

Every Being is allowed to explore that awareness of the True Self in their own time. For many of you, your awareness has been sparked early, your memories of being one of those energies that was touched, that was recognised, that realised a Light within them was ready to be shared has awakened and you are drawn to grow that Light within you and to share it with others.

The Saffron Heart, Young Ones, has been returned to your awareness for your Earth is in need of it again, your humanity needs to remember that a Light does exist within each of them.

And the feelings that you are feeling, this sense of compassion, this sense of love, this sense of strength of Self returning is because the energy of the Saffron Heart has appeared again.

So allow yourselves now, Young Ones, to become reacquainted with it. Allow yourselves to recognise that this extraordinary Light that you have felt, that you have become aware of and you have known for so long is because you were there in the beginning. You were there since that time you have always shared the understanding and the Knowing of this Light with other humans that once were not aware of Self. And now you feel its return and now you wish to know what next…”

Your cruise workshop registration includes…

  • pre-cruise online sessions commencing in February 2018 to prepare you for
    • the personal changes you will experience in how you connect and work with your Energy and how you contribute to others and the Earth
    • the powerful Earth Ritual you will perform in Alaska to implant into the Earth an Energetic generator of the Saffron Heart frequency that will spread across the globe to increase compassion and collaboration between humans and humanity and the Earth
  • workshop sessions on the ship
  • plus special events!

“The importance of this trip is the gathering and the return of your Knowing. For you to be able to identify experientially with what you have known for so long about yourself. It is about walking in your powerful energetic shoes that you are.

You all have had so many interpretations of self, stories of who you think you are, yet to come forward into a gathering where all of the Beings there will be energetically aligned will leave you with a deeper Knowing of who this True Self of you really is.” DZAR


Pre-cruise workshop sessions will be held online on the following dates.

Workshop session 1 … Tues 20 Feb @ 8pm USA ET / Wed 21 Feb @ 12 noon AUS EDT

Workshop session 2 … Tues 20 March @ 8pm USA ET / Wed 21 March @ 11am AUS EDT

Workshop session 3 … Tues 15 May @ 8pm USA ET / Wed 16 May @ 10am AUS EDT

Videos of the sessions will be available for viewing until 2 June so even if you register after the first session you can catch up! Check your timezone here



“The energy of Alaska will allow you a space where you can reconnect to the ancient-ness of you, to your personal ancestral lineage, shall we say. The ancestral lineage of the lives that you have led, the Beings that you have been and the purpose and the learnings that has brought you to this current knowing of this you that is here now. The very energy of your Alaska will allow that remembering to occur.

From this time that we will spend together, from the preparation you will do beforehand you will recreate yourself as a generator. As a generator of human awareness, as a generator of a True Self.

It will change you and you will change others.

It is not just a cruise, Young Ones, it is the gathering’s return, it is the space of where Knowing returns, you will be together with others that are the same as you, that wish to collaborate in a world that is compassionate, that is joyous, that is sensitive to all that is.” DZAR

CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR CRUISE component directly with iCruise BEFORE you register for the workshops here as places on the cruise are limited. Online preparation sessions commence in February. Please note all prices are in US$.

If you are travelling with family members who do not wish to take part in the workshop sessions, you only need to book the workshop package for yourself.